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99 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses with a Limited Budget

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Invest your time into creating compelling content.

Brands on a budget have to leverage what they have. There are powerful features on every platform that enable live video content, blogging, and of course, taking photographs. If your budget for social media can only accommodate the time it takes to dream up the content and post it, then I’d recommend leveraging those features. They can go a long way.

You can show a lot of process and thought leadership with a well-done live video, or one recorded on a smartphone and posted later. Photos go a long way in telling a story, and compelling, long-form posts can get a lot of traction. It’s not always about the money poured into photography, video, or coordination. It’s about the experience of the content and the message. Find what works for you, and it will start to produce a return on investment. Even if that investment is just time.