Kristine Neil

Lights, Camera, Call to Action! Getting the Most From Your CTA

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It may come down to something as simple as design. If your CTA isn’t clearly clickable, for example, your users won’t even understand that they have an opportunity to click through and continue interacting with your company.

Expert Advice: Partner with your design team to make sure your CTA is clearly clickable. Kristine Neil, founder of Markon Brands, says it’s important to make sure your CTA stands out from the rest of your website. “Buttons, of course, are the tried and true answer,” she says. “However, if you feel inspired, and it’s on brand for your company, try a creative way to call out text.”

Being more intentional with color so it grabs your reader’s attention immediately is a simple way to improve design and make your CTA easier to find, according Leyton. “This is more than just choosing two random colors that look ‘good’ together—there are perfect matches for each color on the color wheel, and choosing the right one makes a world of difference.” A design team can help with color choice, but tools like Adobe’s color wheel tool can work in a pinch.

Changing the design elements of your CTA takes the guessing game out of interacting with your brand for the user. Maximizing the likelihood of click-through with a few simple tweaks in the design brings your user one step closer to a purchase.