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2016 By The Numbers

My last blog post of the year and I’ve pushed it off and procrastinated on it like no other. So, of course, I’m leaving it to my last day of the working year to write. The theme of the month at Markon, as it is in so many people’s minds this time of year, is reflection. The end of a year always brings “best of” lists and “worst of” lists. And memes. Oh, the memes. For better or for worse, 2016 has given the internet plenty to fodder over. In the brave new world we live in, where news is both created and consumed socially, there have been moments to celebrate and those to mourn. History made and changes no one ever saw coming. But to all of the memes declaring that 2016 will go down as one of the worst years ever, I would like to present some opposing evidence - because, at Markon, we’ve had one of the best years ever.

I’m not just talking about sales records or profit margin (those weren’t shabby either) but the metrics that truly matter, at least to me. What matters are the people we’ve reached and the brands we’ve worked with. From engineering startups to emerging beauty brands, we’ve had quite a diverse year. We’ve blogged and designed and built and written our little hearts out and I couldn’t be prouder of my small but mighty team. Together, we’ve accomplished so much. Here are some of my favorite stats:

Obviously, none of this would matter if we didn’t have you, our clients and readers and social followers. I’m hoping that 2017 will bring us together more, especially on Instagram, where we’ll be dedicating our social strategy. I’m already excited at the new people we have joining our team here at Markon Brands, at the client work that’s already in the pipeline for Q1, and at the other changes and growth I know will come along with a new year.

As we wrap up this series on personal branding, I offer this last bit of advice: counter every negative you hear with at least two positives. When the news of the day has you down, celebrate another brand launched, or another project closed, or a prospective client met. One project may seem small but 479 of them really add up! So celebrate your victories, even when they are small. Not only has exploring the topic of personal branding taught us that it’s the desire for self-improvement that’s half the battle, but it’s also that small victories eventually add up to big ones. And, on a mental health note, it’ll keep you focused on things you can actually control.