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Social Media Tips For SMBs/SMEs: 50 Experts Share Their Best Advice

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Pick A Platform

“Small to medium businesses have more opportunities to connect with potential customers and share their message than ever before.

“But a bounty of low-barrier features and tools doesn’t mean that every business should produce a livestream show, or fill people’s feeds with spontaneous –or staged– photographs. It’s about choosing the mix of strategies and features that make the most sense for the business –operationally– and the brand’s audience.

“Learn where your audience is: LinkedIn? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Determine which features that platform(s) has that your business can leverage with quality and consistency. Commit using only that platform(s), and maximizing quality of content and delivery, rather than spreading your message across multiple platforms.

Do not put your teenage niece or nephew in charge of your social media. Do not schedule months of content and leave it on auto-feed (again: be responsive). Do not use poor photography and ill-made graphics – hire the right creative.”