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27 Social Media Pros Share Their Best Twitter Tips

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Know What Your Long Game Is

B2B businesses need to take a long game approach to their Twitter marketing strategies. The platform itself moves quickly and prioritizes brevity, but the decision-making process for a B2B customer tends to be drawn out and nuanced. In a B2B environment, the focus should be on providing value and building relationships and not on sales or conversion rates. Implementing a robust content calendar that exposes followers to consistent messaging over time is an essential first step as it will take repeated exposure to the same content to gain attention. Build relationships by sharing information or tips to potential clients by getting involved in organized Twitter chats or following trending hashtags relevant to your industry. It may take some time but done right, incorporating Twitter into your B2B marketing strategy will eventually pay off.

35 Experts Share Their Best Email Marketing Tips

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Email marketing isn’t for everyone

We often work with clients that assume email marketing is a requirement because they hear other entrepreneurs talk about building lists and growing a subscriber base. The hard truth of it is that email marketing isn’t for everyone. You need to have something to say (not just something to sell), and you need to be able to send quality, branded content consistently. If this is something that you can commit to and you have a real audience that has opted in to receive information from you, spend time crafting themes well in advance. Plan how your other digital marketing activities such as social media posts, online ads, and blog will serve to reinforce the messages in your email. Preparing in such a way also ensures that readers have someplace to land when they click out of your email and hopefully onto your customer list!

27 Tips For B2B Social Media Marketing

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Be Organic!

“A piece of advice I find myself repeating time and again for B2B brands planning social media marketing activities is to be organic. In general, people prefer to learn about new brands, products, and services through content; but if that branded information isn’t part of a larger narrative or story, it often falls flat. They also want to hear from industry experts. According to Demand Gen Report, 96% of B2B buyers want content with input from more industry thought leaders. Because of this, content marketing is having a resurgence right now.

“When developing content for social media, organic should also refer to the relationship between that content and the platform it’s created for. Recent and ongoing changes to the Facebook algorithm, for example, mean that content that is native to that platform often performs better than external links. Actionable tips for B2B brands would be to consistently post (on brand) photos and video, write narrative posts or consider using onsite blogging features, such as LinkedIn’s Pulse feature.

“Regardless of the social media marketing activities B2B brands add to their marketing lineup, the most important thing to remember is that it should all work to support the organic, relational marketing activities that take place in the real world.”

Social Media Tips For SMBs/SMEs: 50 Experts Share Their Best Advice

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Pick A Platform

“Small to medium businesses have more opportunities to connect with potential customers and share their message than ever before.

“But a bounty of low-barrier features and tools doesn’t mean that every business should produce a livestream show, or fill people’s feeds with spontaneous –or staged– photographs. It’s about choosing the mix of strategies and features that make the most sense for the business –operationally– and the brand’s audience.

“Learn where your audience is: LinkedIn? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Determine which features that platform(s) has that your business can leverage with quality and consistency. Commit using only that platform(s), and maximizing quality of content and delivery, rather than spreading your message across multiple platforms.

Do not put your teenage niece or nephew in charge of your social media. Do not schedule months of content and leave it on auto-feed (again: be responsive). Do not use poor photography and ill-made graphics – hire the right creative.”