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The Social Media Future

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Brands will exist across news feeds, stories (where possible), and within messenger services.

The intention isn’t to inundate, but to better integrate into the daily lives of their audience. Bots and virtual assistants for messenger services, or devices such as Amazon’s Echo, allows brands to be seamlessly present. This is happening today with Uber’s and Domino’s availability to take commands on the Echo, and with Harvard Business Review’s bot on Slack. It’s possible that Facebook will open up its M assistant to work with brands to empower more suggested activities based on the conversations users have on its Messenger app. – Kristine Neil, Owner and Creative Director for Markon Brands.

The most recent political cycle has exposed a lot of what was rotten in social media, making us all so constantly aware of what is wrong with ourselves and others that we barely have space in our heads for anything other than frustration and anxiety. If they’re smart, new social media platforms will understand that create a new kind of social networking, a kind that actually feels like a personal asset instead of a detriment.