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How Small Businesses Use Websites in 2019

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Working in web design, it’s difficult to imagine a business owner who thinks our products and services aren’t necessary for business but in a recent survey and report from Visual Objects, a surprising 40% of small businesses choose not to invest in a website citing concerns over cost and relevance.

Brand-building opportunities aside, the benefits of having a website for your business are tremendous and done right, the return will far exceed the cost over time. The following is an excerpt from that report which I was happy to contribute to. Be sure to click the link at the bottom for the full article!

Website-building software still costs money and often requires time and manpower that small businesses may not have. Some agencies like Markon Brands, however, work within website builders to create beautiful products for their clients using existing frameworks.

Kristine Neil primarily develops high-quality Squarespace websites for small businesses working with limited resources.

“The cool thing about working on a platform like Squarespace is we’re able to offer a high-caliber product to a client with a smaller budget,” said Kristine Neil, Markon Brands’ owner and creative director. “We hand [clients] a website where they have some modicum of control, but they had professional help to take care of all the backend settings – the things that were a little overwhelming from a DIY standpoint.”

Squarespace and other platforms, with professional help, provide a greater ROI for small businesses with limited budgets. Agencies like Markon Brands help small businesses create a beautiful website with a high-quality UX and empower clients to manage the day-to-day aspects of website maintenance.

Although hiring a web design agency often feels daunting for small businesses looking to launch a simple website, partnering with a qualified team is a worthy investment for building an online presence.