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Is your business falling behind? 5 technologies you should already be using in 2018

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Tools to automate manual processes

“Businesses that haven’t adopted even a modicum of automation or begun storing files, and collaborating via cloud-based services are falling by the wayside,” says Kristine Neil, Owner and Creative Director of Markon Brands. “Eventually, the clumsiness of their internal processes will show externally.”

One of the biggest productivity killers across the business world stems from a lack of automation. Every day, employees at businesses across the globe waste precious time completing tasks that could (and should) be automated.

Why is this so important? When employees are stuck with manual processes, business agility suffers. As explained in this Forbes article, agility is more important than ever:

“In today’s market, not only is change happening quickly, it’s forcing businesses themselves to change quickly. It’s a constant flow of innovation, disruption — and sometimes chaos — that is moving us ahead, even faster than we ever imagined. Many say agility is the key to surviving in the age of technological hairpin turns. In fact, 68% of companies identify agility as one of their most important initiatives.”

What types of tasks can be automated? While it varies by company, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Does IT still handle end-user reporting?

  • Do you manually enter data into your system?

  • Are workflow processes still completed manually?

The list could go on, but it’s a topic covered in more detail in this article. Make sure you regularly analyze your processes and explore ways to automate manual tasks. While it requires time up front, this will let you accomplish more with your current resources.